Here at Dancing Leaf we want to share the products with you that we have tried and tested ourselves and that we use everyday because they are either essential to our lives or just a bit of an indulgence.

The products that we use have the number one priority to be a positive alternative than the ones people have used in the past that we all know now are having a very destructive impact to our Earth and the creatures that dwell there.

We believe that things have to change rapidly for us to save the beautiful pockets of pristine environment that we have left and improve the not so pristine areas around us. We now have the knowledge and ability to put this into action and it is every single persons responsibility to adapt and choose a better way of living that nurtures our beautiful and amazing home.

Our mission is to be a couple of those people that have made the change and want to help the revolution spread far and wide so that as soon as possible we can raise the consciousness of humanity and all start living in a higher energetic frequency to ultimately live in peace and harmony on our planet and start to restore her to her glorious and multi-faceted wonderment in which she can sustain all of her precious lifeforms that make up the perfect cycle of life that we are an important part of.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and we look forward to hearing from you and helping you to live the happy and healthy life you all deserve 🙂