Amogshiddhi Buddha Lokta Paper Lantern Lamp Shade Red


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Amogshiddhi Buddha Lokta Paper Lantern Lamp Shades are handmade using Lokta Paper, natural dye colors and screen printed by hand. Amoghasiddhi is one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas of the Vajrayana tradition oBuddhism. He is associated with the accomplishment of the Buddhist path and of the destruction of the poison oenvy. His name means He Whose Accomplishment Is Not In Vain. Amoghasiddhi is associated with the conceptual mind (as opposed to the non-conceptual or sensational mind). His action towards the promotion of Buddhist paths is the pacification of evils. This is symbolised by Amoghasiddhi’s symbol, the moon. He gestures in the mudra of fearlessness, symbolising his and his devotees’ fearlessness towards the poisons or delusions.

This lamp shade can be placed on a table or the floor around a lamp or hung around a ceiling light as it has a string on each corner that you can tie up. Just be wary that the paper does not touch the light bulb as paper is flammable.

Nepali handmade paper is crafted in the traditional way from the bark of Daphne Cannabina, commonly known as lokta among Nepalese, an under-storey shrub which grows in the middle mountains of Nepal. Handmade lokta paper crafting is an ancient art that has remained unchanged for over 2000 years. Handmade lokta paper is acid free and environmental friendly. It is extremely durable and that is one reason why government offices in Nepal are still using them for all the official documentations.

Our crafting families have been using these beautiful handmade papers for picture framing, lampshades, art supplies, book making, displays, wall paper and many other wonderful purposes.

Colour: Red with black and gold detailing

Size: 25 cm x 18 cm x 18cm

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