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Me-Tok-Ma, The Flower Lady is the Dakini which is a type of sacred female spirit in Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism. The term can also be applied to human women with a certain amount of spiritual development. The Sanskrit term is related to ḍīyate – to fly. The Tibetan term means “skygoer” and may have originated in the Sanskrit khecara, a term from the Cakrasaṃvara Tantra. Te-Tok-Ma The Flower Lady offers flowers to the gods multiplying her form and filing the entire sky. The offerings become an ocean of offerings.

In this incense the fragrance of Kesar-saffron and Tsampaka-champaca and many other resins, herbs and flowers from the Himalaya region are blended to create a resinous, herbal and earthy smelling incense. This incense has been made based on the Tibetan Buddhist Men-ngak formula or Menngakde which is the name of one of three scriptural and lineage divisions within Dzogchen (Great Perfection atiyōga). Dzogchen is itself the pinnacle of the nine-fold division of practice according to thNyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. The Menngagde or ‘Instruction Class’ of Dzogchen is the practice of Cutting through Solidity (khregs chod), which is related to primordial purity (ka dag); and Direct Vision of Reality (thod rgal), which is related to spontaneous presence (Ihun grub).[2]

The packing of the incense is done in the same way the lamas use for offering to the Gods.

Stick length:  20 cm

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