Medicine Buddha Prayer Ceremony Organic Natural Bhutanese Incense


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Medicine Buddha Bhutanese Incense is an offering made in order to please the protective deities.

Bhaiṣajyaguru is the Buddha of healing and medicine in Mahāyāna Buddhism. Commonly referred to as the “Medicine Buddha”, he is described as a doctor who cures suffering or samsara using the medicine of his teachings.

The practice of Medicine Buddha, the Supreme Healer, is not only a very powerful method for healing and increasing healing powers both for oneself and others, but also for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance. Thus, to meditate on the Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical and mental illness and suffering.

The Medicine Buddha mantra is held to be extremely powerful for healing of physical illnesses and purification of negative karma.

The composition of this high quality incense is based on sacred Buddhist tantric texts of incense making. The burning of this incense with utmost respect and true devotion brings good luck, health, happiness and prosperity.

In Buddhism, incense acts as an offering to Buddhas, or enlightened ones, as well as a symbol for various aspects of Buddhist belief and an aid to positive thoughts and actions.

Made of purely natural herbal ingredients prepared entirely by hand according to ancient Bhutanese medical practices.

Approx 29 incense sticks

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