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Niulife Coconut MCT High Performance Oil provides a fast and powerful source of energy from fats, not sugar, to supercharge your workouts without having to use glucose as a fuel source. MCTs convert to ketones and are rapidly absorbed and metabolised, giving you fast access to clean energy and focus within minutes of ingestion. Most MCT oils come from large corporate palm oil plantations that destroy rainforests, but Niulife coconut MCT oil is 100% coconut derived, meaning it’s better for small farmers, better for the orangutans and better for the earth.

Ingredients: 100% Coconut based Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) MCT consists of Caprylic (C8) 55%-65% and Capric (C10) 35%-45%.

Allergen Advice: Made in a facility free of nuts, gluten & dairy.

The Niulife Story

When we first started out, Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) was unknown in Australia and around the world.  It’s because of what we’ve done over the past 22 years that it’s become an industry.

Back then (and even today) low quality, mass produced coconut oils are made in factories overseas from copra which is dirty and badly contaminated. It can be weeks after the copra is dried over a smokey fire, and transported to the overseas mill, before it is pressed. The resultant oil has to be highly processed, often with chemicals, to make it taste and appear commercially acceptable.  The only return to the farmer for his hard work is the low price paid for the coconuts.

This changed forever when our founder, Dr Dan, invented the DME® (Direct Micro Expelling) coconut oil press and process in the Solomon Islands.

Our DME® Process enables local families to hand-make one of the world’s freshest virgin coconut oils within an hour of opening the coconut without the need to leave their village and families.

The DME® system is also easy enough for women, youth and even the disabled, that live on the Island of Malaita in the Solomon Islands, to use, providing opportunities for everyone in the village.

Now people in cash-poor and vulnerable remote island communities have the ability to make a good living in their own village. Income generated from virgin coconut oil sales flows back into the whole local economy.

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