Tharpa Choeling Nunnery Original Samadhi Tibetan Incense Pack


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This Samadhi Incense is made using a special incense preparation procedure from the great snow capped lands of Tibet and on top of that, it contains many precious medicinal incense ingredients gathered from the Himalayas. This incense is prepared from the sacred water from 100 springs of Muktinath that has great authentic blessings.


Lake Namtso (Tibetan Sky lake) is a holy place where great practitioners such as Padmasambhava have visited and meditated at. Herbs and flowers gathered there contain the blessings from these great masters and are of medicinal value. The herb Balu started growing on a previously barren mountain after Kamapa’s hair was scattered there with good aspirations and are sought after to purify obstacles.


84 Siddhas who obtained the realization of Chakrasamvara at Mt. Kailash saw through their vision that Muktinath is the mandala of Chakrasamvara. They caused water from the lake Mansarover to flow into Muktinath and form 100 springs. The water has been said to heal many sicknesses. Due to the aspiration of the Siddhas, anyone who comes into contact with the water may develop wisdom, fortune, positive energy and be aided in spiritual development.

Burn The Incense, You Have To Burn To Be Fragrant :-Rumi.

  • 100% Pure, no additives or chemical ingredients, non toxic
  • Hand made in Nepal

Length of incense stick = 15cm
No. of Incense in a Pack = 27
No. of Packs = 3


Tharpa Choeling Nunnery

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Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm


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