Terracotta Shakya Muni Buddha Incense Burner


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This clay Buddha incense burner features Shakya Muni Buddha seated on a Lotus Asana, deeply meditating inside a cave. This incense burner has two holes for the thick and thin incense sticks and a hollow pressed surface for catching the ash or burning cone incense . The idea of this incense burner is foremost to show our love, devotion and commitment towards the Buddha’s teachings.

Please be aware that items from Nepal are hand made and the Tibetan incense are all varying thicknesses so the largest ones sometimes will not fit in the incense burner hole but the medium to smaller sticks will. In the past if I have had an incense burner where the hole didn’t fit the stick I have used a little bit of blu-tack to hold the stick up.

Colour: Black

Material: Terracotta

Length 8.5cm x width 8.5cm x height 11cm
Weight: 278gm

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Weight 0.432 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm


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