Ancient Tibetan Amber Resin Incense Sticks


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I was very curious as to what amber resin smelled like because I had never seen an incense with real amber resin in it and had heard about the warm sweet fragrance that it has. I was very pleasantly surprised when I burned this incense as the smell really is divine. It has a very exotic feel and is very pleasurable as the amber has a luxuriously smooth warming sweet note, paired with spices, and a tiny bit of saffron mixed in. It really is one of my favourites.

Himalayan herbs pair very well with amber resin as it brings out the warmth and Divine fragrance within. This incense is used for protection and to promote spirituality within the home. It is used to be burnt as an offering to the gods and used as an aid in meditation and in different spiritual ceremonies. It brings a soothing effect on the mind.

Natural herbs and spices are mixed together and pressured, then moulded into rods Tibetan style. These incense rods are wrapped up in Lokta paper. Lokta is a shrub that grows on the southern hillsides of the forests of the Himalayas between 5,500 and 13,000 feet of altitude. It is traditionally used in Nepal to produce paper. Lokta paper is a renewable resource and a source of income for agricultural communities.

  • 100% Pure, no additives or chemical ingredients, non toxic
  • Hand made in Nepal

Burn The Incense, You Have To Burn To Be Fragrant :-Rumi

Contains 30 sticks with a small incense holder.

Length of Incense: 11cm

Weight: 54g

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 5 cm


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