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Relax and unwind with this calming natural blend.

Prepare for a peaceful slumber with Kintra Sleepy Loose Leaf tea. Make a soothing cup part of your nightly bedtime ritual and enjoy the delicious combination of Organic Chamomile, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Linden Flowers, Passion Flower, Hops Flowers and Lavender. Each quality ingredient has been carefully selected for its’ reputation for calming the nervous system and promoting a good night’s rest.

Unwind from a busy day and let this delicious herbal infusion lull you into a deep and restful sleep.

Ingredients: Organic Herbs (Chamomile Flower, Spearmint, Rose Petals, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Liquorice Root, Linden Flower, Passion Flower, Hops Flower, Hawthorn Leaf & Flower), Lavender Flower, Blue Cornflower Petals.

Preparation – Teapot and strainer:

  • Place 2 generous teaspoons of the Sleepy Tea blend per serve into a teapot or tea strainer.
  • Add boiling water and infuse for 2-5 minutes and swirl.
  • Longer infusion releases fuller flavour and herbal benefits.
  • Can be enjoyed hot or cold.

If you have any health concerns, are pregnant or taking medication please consult your health care professional prior to consuming any herbal product.

Comes in a beautiful glass jar with metal lid

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