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Everyone is now learning of the antibacterial and powerful healing effects of turmeric.

I use turmeric mainly to give to my dog with his meal every 2 days because I’ve learned a lot of people now do this to give extra nutrition to their pups to keep them healthy and strong. I put a teaspoon of turmeric and a little bit of black pepper and olive oil in his meat as the pepper and oil aid the absorption of the turmeric into their body. My dog doesn’t really like the taste but still eats it but you can also get a vitamin tray and freeze your own doggie tablets to put in their food without them detecting it. Just put some coconut oil, turmeric and black pepper into the pill trays and freeze. They are also good for you!

Turmeric has a peppery and exotic spicy aroma and is a staple ingredient in a lot of Indian curries. Certified organic turmeric can also be added to pickles and relishes. Try adding a very small amount of organic turmeric to the water when cooking 1 cup of rice. This imparts a slight yellow colour and is a cheaper option than saffron. People also add exotic turmeric to their chai lattes to get in their daily turmeric hit..enjoy and feel good!

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