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I absolutely love this incense as vetiver is a new aroma that I have only heard about before and have been keen to smell. It is a native grass in Asian countries including Tibet and has a very earthy, smoky, herbaceous and slightly sweet profile. This incense has been prepared perfectly to bring out the amazing aroma of vetiver and makes you feel like you are sitting in a forest when you burn it.

This Bodhileaf Tibetan Incense is handmade based on the principles of the Buddhist medicinal system and formulation prescribed by a great yogi of Bodhi School Buddhism in Tibet.

Manjushree Incense (God of Learning)

Manjushree or Manjushri is a bodhisattva or Buddha-aspect who represents wisdom. Usually Manjushri is depicted as a young approximately 16 year old Indian prince, because his wisdom is not just some learned knowledge, but the highest intuitive wisdom.

According to the Tibetan indigenous medicinal theory a blend of this incense with the fragrance of amber, vetiver and other precious herbal ingredients helps to relieve the spirit, comfort the mind and integrates the emotions. Used as an offering to the different gods and goddesses.

Natural herbs and spices are mixed together and pressured, then moulded into rods Tibetan style. These incense rods are wrapped up in Lokta paper. Lokta is a shrub that grows on the southern hillsides of the forests of the Himalayas between 5,500 and 13,000 feet of altitude. It is traditionally used in Nepal to produce paper. Lokta paper is a renewable resource and a source of income for agricultural communities.

Burn The Incense, You Have To Burn To Be Fragrant :-Rumi

  • 100% Pure, no additives or chemical ingredients, non toxic
  • Hand made in Nepal

Length: 20cm

18 sticks

Gemstones not included.

I don’t have many gemstones but I have been able to get most of mine second hand. This is because I do not wish to contribute to mining, poor working conditions and degradation of land and ecology when these gems are mined. This mining also leads to soil disruption, erosion and polluting of water sources.

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