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I have chosen to stock Organic Times Rapadura Sugar because it is an organic, unprocessed cane sugar. It doesn’t contain any chemicals and has all the natural, unaltered nutrition that nature provides. I love it and use it whenever I want a sweet treat.

Organic Times Rapadura Sugar is made using organically grown cane sugar from our Hand-In-Hand fair-trade partners and is the least-processed sugar. It is pressed and dehydrated from pure sugar cane juice, this means all the goodness remains in the sugar, creating a rich, caramel flavour. Unlike refined sugar, Rapadura contains vitamins and minerals due to molasses remaining; is lower in sucrose as it’s less clarified and its better sucrose balance makes it “low GI”.

Rapadura’s caramel-like flavour will enhance your baked treats, chocolate, coffee and black tea. Use in replace of sugar 1:1.

Organic Times Rapadura Sugar was voted People’s Choice Award in the food category for Best Organic Gardening Idea in Organic Gardening 2016.

  •  Certified organic
  •  Fair-trade
  •  Free from GMO’s
  •  Palm-oil free
  •  No-dairy
  •  Vegan friendly vegetarian
  •  Gluten free

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