Himalayan Retreat Natural Organic Tibetan Incense Stupa (Chhorten)


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Tibetan Incense has always held an important place in Tibetan & Nepalese culture. Offered to the divinities, it is continuously used to purify the environment and aid relaxation and meditation. Still today, it is produced exactly according to the ancient recipes of Tibetan lama healers & Ayurvedic Kavi Raj. Discovered recently by the western world, the traditional Tibetan & Ayurvedic healing systems are based on holistic methods to cure both the body & mind, relying exclusively on natural remedies and the power of prayer. Tibetan & Nepalese incense differ from others produced in the Orient. It is not composed of a mixture of fragrance oils and essential oils but from precious woods, barks & resins mixed with other natural plant ingredients found in the Himalayan region.

This Stupa (Chorten) incense refers to a tumulus or a mound of earth and stones raised over a grave, in which monks were buried in a seated meditation position. Stupas can contain holy burial relics, scriptures, be decorated with Buddhist teachings and most later stupas contain a “Tree of Life”. This is a wooden pole covered with gems and thousands of mantras; it is placed in the central channel of the stupa. It is positioned during a ceremony or initiation, where the participants hold colourful ribbons connected to the Tree of Life. Together, the participants make their most positive and powerful wishes, which are stored in the Tree of Life. In this way the stupa is charged, and starts to function.

This incense is suffused with positive prayers and wishes just like a stupa, from the energy of the plants that are used and the positive prayers of the monks that make this beautiful incense by hand.

Natural herbs and spices are mixed together and pressured, then moulded into rods Tibetan style. These incense rods are wrapped up in Lokta paper. Lokta is a shrub that grows on the southern hillsides of the forests of the Himalayas between 5,500 and 13,000 feet of altitude. It is traditionally used in Nepal to produce paper. Lokta paper is a renewable resource and a source of income for agricultural communities.

Body & mind relaxation, a method for inner & world peace.

  • 100% Pure, no additives or chemical ingredients, non toxic
  • Hand made in Nepal
  • Comes with a small clay incense burner

Burn The Incense, You Have To Burn To Be Fragrant :-Rumi

Length: 18cm

No. of Incense in a tube: 37

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Buddhist Incense Udhyog


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