Nutritionist Choice Organic Buckwheat & Brown Rice Pasta Spaghetti 180g


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This is my favourite pasta that we carry. It doesn’t look much from the picture but it has the most beautiful texture and subtle pasta flavour, it is terrific! It is easy to cook as you can boil it to the right consistency without it going too soft too quickly, which can sometimes happen with wheat free pasta. I use this for European pasta dishes and also stirfry noodle dishes as it works great with both.

Brown rice spaghetti past is a healthier, gluten free easily digestible alternative to wheat spaghetti as conventional wheat is usually GMO and highly processed with chemicals. This pasta boils perfectly to al dente and is great for traditional European pasta dishes and also Asian stirfry dishes.

Put into a lot of rolling boiling water and stir at first to separate the pasta as it first softens.

Bon Appetite!

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice, Organic Buckwheat.

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