Sapta Lochani Tara Organic Natural Tibetan Incense

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This Sapta-Lochani Tara Tibetan Incense has been prepared according to Vajrayana practices of making incense. Vajraya or Vajrayāna subscribes to the literature known as thBuddhist Tantras. It includes practices that make use omantrasmudras or meditation gestures, mandalas and the visualization of deities and Buddhas. This incense helps purify the water element of the body and is used in Vajrayan rituals which involve the student being empowered as a particular deity. The vase empowerment ritual which involves a vase of water and washing, much like a baptism, to purify the body and senses into the body of the deity. In this particular incense aquatic medicinal herbs and resins which are found in the Himalayas are used. This incense has a deep spicy scent that is less sweet than the Mamaki Tara incense.

27 incense sticks

20 cm long

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Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm


Chandra Devi

1 review for Sapta Lochani Tara Organic Natural Tibetan Incense

  1. vijaya pandji (verified owner)

    This is a lovely smelling Tibetan incense, l have noticed it helps with calming me and does not cause any head aches due to the high quality ingedients..

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