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Reusable WRAPPA food wraps are a plant based vegan wrap made of certified organic cotton covered in plant waxes, tree resin and jojoba oil, to use in place of cling wrap over bowls or containers or opened packaging. This is the large size giving you flexibility of different uses.

The Australian Botanicals design is gorgeous and the natural resins smell lovely.

Plastic wrap is a single use plastic that ends up in landfill and our oceans where it can take hundreds of years to decompose or destroy marine life. Given the average family uses 24 rolls of plastic wrap per year, replacing this with WRAPPA is one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste your household produces.

  • Handmade in South Australia
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Cotton
  • A lovely natural smell so there is no smell transferring to your food
  • Will last for 6 to 12 months
  • Easy to clean! Simply wipe them with a damp clean cloth and leave to dry

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